President of the jury

An unique and very special feature of Early Bird International Student Film Festival is the fact that President ot the Jury is the student who won the Grand Prize Early Bird at the previous edition of the festival.This year that special responsibility and honour goes to Ana-Maria Comanescu from Romania.

Ana-Maria Comanescu

President of the Jury

Ana-Maria Comanescu is a young film director from Romania, having graduated the UNATC in Bucharest in 2014.

Her work comprises of fiction shorts, such as „In the House” (2014), a gritty depiction of a party gone wrong shot on black and white 16 mm film, the winner of the Early Bird Grand Award, and „Second Look” (2015), a road movie about a couple who befriends a hitchhiker. Her latest short film, „Sex, Pipe and Omlette”, a bitter-sweet, satyrical anecdote on marriage and mid-life crisis, shot on color 35 mm film, is currently in post-production. In 2015, she took part in the „Looking China” programme, shooting and editing a short documentary on her own about the music of a beautiful Chinese metropolis, „Play it Again, Xiamen”. A firm believer in genre cinema with an added touch of artistic expression of emotion, she is looking forward to debuting with her first feature film, which she is very passionate about. 

Members of the jury

Sevda Shishmanova

Director  of Programming and Film production  - BNT 1, Journalist, Producer , Film director.
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Lilia Nemchenko

Director of the international festival-workshop Kinoproba, professor, film critic.

Dimitar Sardjev

Drama and Film Director

Hristo Simeonov

Film Director